Thursday, 3 August 2017

People With Passion - Talent Behind The Scenes

People With Passion – Jonna Pessala   

Jonna Pessala is one of our veterinarians at our Finnish bull station in Hollola, Finland. Jonna has been working with us only a short while, she started in April 2017, but she’s become a vital part of our team. Her area of focus is the embryo flushings from heifers.

Jonna has always wanted to be a vet. Ever since being a little girl she had her mind set on working with animals. The original plan was to become a vet that works with smaller animals and pets, but later on she took an interest in food industry hygiene. It’s not a very known fact that veterinarians are working in the food industry as hygiene controllers and officials. She never did end up working for the food industry as fate stepped in.

After graduation in 2015, she was working as vet and one job call took her to a dairy farm, little did she know that this call would change her life. This city girl was swept of her feet by the charms of the young dairy farmer owning the farm, and she lost her heart to the farmer – as well as for the cows. Nowadays she lives on the farm and runs it with her man. They have 30 milking cows. She says: “Life surprised me totally! I grew up in an urban environment and imagined to be working with cats and guinea pigs, but suddenly I found myself milking cows in the countryside.”

Jonna found her area of veterinary medicine in production animals, especially in cattle. She enjoys working with dairy cattle and wants to improve her skills and knowledge all the time. Breeding and reproduction are her main interest areas. “Now that I’m a farmer myself, the breeding aspect of dairy farming is extremely interesting to me”, Jonna says, and continues: “We are planning to expand our farm and we want to breed the best possible future generations.”

Working at VikingGenetics has been very interesting and educational. Jonna feels that all VikingGenetics operations are very clear, professional and well organised. Especially the expertise in embryo flushing and egg collection from heifers is world class. This is the area where she wants to become an expert and working for VikingGenetics is the right place to make that happen. “I’m learning so much from the other veterinarian staff and my skills are developing constantly”, Jonna says enthusiastically.

Her future plans are to find a balance between her job as a vet and running their dairy farm. “I might go back to school and do a further specialising degree on production animal healthcare. I’m also very interested in preventive healthcare so that might be another focus area for me”, Jonna states. Her ideal future would be where she could work as a part-time vet while managing the farm.

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