Friday, 11 August 2017

August Proofs - Top performers


Here are the top bulls from VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey after the new proofs.


VH Nerd RC – A first class producer
Nugget RC x Lastyear x VH Lima
gNTM +32

VH Nerd RC is a new and really interesting bull. The “RC” in his name means that he carries the red gene, but he himself is black. He is bred in the herd of Per Laursen – a farm that has also given the highly used VH Chacca (VH Clement) gNTM +26. The last year, the dam produced 10,600 kg milk with an impressive 4.78% in fat and an outstanding 3.87% in protein. Her dam is a VG88 VH Lima (Ligö) daughter.

Clearly, VH Nerd RC has got his dam’s ability to breed high components. His overall production index is at 118 and fat% index at 137 and protein% index at 123 – not common to see such a progress! Health and fertility is really good, and he breeds average body frame, super feet & legs and very well attached udders with good ligament.


VR Vimpula – A production winner bull
Valpas x Peterslund x Etroni
NTM +28

The Valpas sons are now on podium among progeny proven sires now. The best of them is VR Vimpula NTM +28. His breeders are Kati and Ari Luukkonen, Finland. VR Vimpula, who is a former GenVikPLUS sire and has also been producing X-Vik semen, got his first progeny proof now with 250 daughters. He is a great production sire with index 122. His proof is balanced with average health and fertility and very easy calvings

Vimpula is an example of the success of ET work. The maternal grand dam was bought to Kuusela farm as a heifer and was flushed several times. Today this cow, Nelli, has given a total of almost 140,000 kg milk with 4.1% fat and 3.5% protein, being her best lactation 11,600 kg milk, 3.9% fat and 3.5% protein. She has calved 13 times. The daughter Unilaulu (s. Peterslund) is the dam of VR Vimpula. Unilaulu’s lifetime production was more than 70,000 kg milk, her best lactation at 13,400 kg milk with components 4.4 and 3.6.


Former top genomic bulls are now among the highest ranking of all Jersey bulls

The genomic system proofs itself, when former top genomic bulls, like VJ Huzar and VJ Janko now are among the very best Viking Jersey bulls – as highly reliable daughter proven.

VJ Janko is in the lead with NTM +26, based on 417 milking daughters and 210 classified. VJ Janko is one of the breed’s best bulls for both F & L and for Hoof Health. Also udder health, longevity, rear udder height, ligament and udder depth are among his many positive trademarks. Unfortunately, VJ Janko is a JH 1 carrier (son of DJ Jason and M Jace) which will restrict his use a little.

VJ Huzar is very close with NTM +25, based on 144 milking daughters and 96 classified. VJ Huzar breeds super mammary, fore udder attachment, rear udder height and width as well as udder depth are among the breed’s best. VJ Huzar also breeds excellent fertility, udder health and longevity.

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