Friday, 7 July 2017

PEOPLE WITH PASSION - Talent Behind The Scenes

The Digital Ladies of Marketing Team

VikingGenetics has it's marketing team split up between Finland, Denmark and Sweden. There are seven people in total working with marketing and here we present you the core people of our digital operations; Johanna Vuori (FI), Tanja Damsgaard Ask (DK) and Uliana Kovaleva Langeland (DK). VikingGenetics is strengthening it's foothold on social media and many of the marketing strategies are now planned just for digital channels. Everyone in the marketing team contributes to digital marketing but these three ladies are the ones organising the material and content production, and also making the posting schedules for all digital channels used. VikingGenetics is using multiple digital channels e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

In the below picture Johanna (left), Tanja (behind right) and Uliana (front right) are having an afternoon meeting at our Assentoft (DK) offices about transferring the news from VikingNews Magazine to social media postings.

Tanja Damsgaard Ask - Marketing Assistant

"I have worked for VikingGenetics for 12 years and I still love my job. Over the years, my job has changed a lot and that is why it is still interesting. I have good colleagues and we have fun every day at work. My tasks include mainly the production of our magazine “VikingNews”, posting planning for social media, video editing and a bit coordination in connection with shows."

Johanna Vuori - Digital Marketer

"I joined VikingGenetics only in May this year so I'm quite new to this business. My background is not with dairy farming or cattle breeding at all so there's a lot to learn about this industry! I have an MBA in marketing and most of my previous jobs have involved around digital marketing and using social media as a marketing channel. My current tasks include being the webmaster, planning and executing the social media marketing and designing our marketing campaigns with the rest of our team. I'm very excited to be part of the VikingGenetics family - it truly is a great place to work."

Uliana Kovaleva Langeland - International Marketer

"It has been a bit more than one year that I have worked for VikingGenetics and I enjoy it a lot. I like that our company is very dynamic, and we have a lot of opportunities to learn new things every day and develop our skills. I am originally from Russia but I have lived in Denmark for the last 5 years. I also spent a few years in Taiwan working with marketing. My key tasks are preparing marketing materials, helping us understand different markets and our competition, working on our marketing and branding strategy."

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