Wednesday, 22 March 2017

First VikingGenetics flush contract in Norway

For the first time ever, VikingGenetics has recently entered a flush contract on a Holstein heifer in Norway. The heifer first came to Norway as an embryo from a Danish herd. This Danish herd has now entered an embryo contract with the purpose to buy some of the embryos from this flush. The heifer is now 7 months old and will be flushed in the autumn. She is the highest ranking heifer in Norway with NTM +33 (pedigree Abel x Balisto).

This herd is owned by Arild and Hanne Hellend. They are very focused on breeding and are passionate about their Holstein cows – and happy about having a heifer at this high level.

In general, the interest in genomic test on females is growing in Norway and there are already a number of Holstein heifers ranking high on NTM. The best are on the same level as the best Holstein heifers in VikingGenetics’ three home countries.

Learn more about genomic test of females as a management tool in the latest issue of our magazine VikingNews page 15.

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