Tuesday, 30 August 2016

VikingGenetics is too modest

By Sara Wiklert Petersson, Sales Manager, VikingGenetics

The other day, I once again came across the proof in real life of the importance of our breeding in Vi-kingGenetics. One of the health problems causing most hassle in United States dairy production is the “hairy foot wart” – also known as digital dermatitis. It is a painful disease that not only makes cows suf-fer, but causes a loss in the production and a negative impact on fertility. This is one of the traits that we can take into account when breeding and one of the important traits in our hoof health index.

We have many bulls, for example VH Clark, who reduces the frequency of digital dermatitis to half of the normal! That is a lot of pain saved there! And that’s why I really agree with our CEO, Rex A. Clausager, in the interview on pages 8-9 in this issue of VikingNews, when he mentions that:  “We are too modest compared to other companies that say that they have breakthroughs and have a new technology”. 

Breeding for health traits to guarantee the profit is something that VikingGenetics has done for more than 30 years; we have all data to support the advances in this area, but we have been too modest to communicate this clearly.

I encourage you to take a second look at the hoof health index; it can really cut some costs in your herds!  

In this issue of VikingNews you can also read about herds from around the world enjoying the benefits of the Viking breeding. Read the whole interview with our CEO, Rex A. Clausager, from which I also remark a quote that describes our team. “At VikingGenetics, we have a passion for what we do; every-one knows that what they do is important.” To tie it together, it is fun to actually have one piece of the solution for the dairy farmer – it is possible to breed for healthier cows – and at Viking we know that. We have done it for 30 years and we will continue doing it every day.

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