Wednesday, 13 July 2016

El Trébol - the success story of Red Dairy Breed in Colombia

Felipe Calderón is the owner of El Trébol and a veterinarian who always wanted to buy a farm with something different from the traditional breeds existing in Colombia by the 70´s. He started to look out of the Colombian borders and found the breed he was looking for in Canada in 1986; the Ayrshire breed. 

In 1996, Calderón participated in the World Ayrshire Congress where he heard about the Swedish Red Breed (SRB). The refreshment of the blood was very important for the Ayrshire breed in Colombia, because the inbreeding was already producing weak animals and the results with SRB are magnificent!

Always go for the best VikingRed bulls
Felipe Calderon chose T Bruno, B Jurist, Peterslund, Torpane and Orraryd and he could see the benefits quickly because the first daughters of these bulls gave much more milk than their mothers and improved feet&legs and strength a lot. They also had a perfect size for moving across the steep mountain pastures and black hooves are very important for the hot lands and the humid tropical areas.

VikingRed are today well-known in the cattle shows in Colombia. Calderon explains that a great satisfaction was to have the Grand Champion for crosses two years ago with his cow Uva Nueva (a crossbred Gyr (a Zebu breed) x VikingRed). She won the milk championship, best udder and Grand Champion titles. In Agroexpo 2015 the Grand Champion was a daughter by A Linné born in El Trébol. 

High production 
There are 55 cows in El Trébol, milking three times a day with an average of more than 9000 kg milk per cow/year, which is above average of the country. VikingRed works really well with high production, high solids, good longevity and good type and udders.  

A good amount of the VikingRed semen sold goes to crossbreeding in Holstein farms and Zebu farms. “And it works really well”, he explains. 

“I have rented a new farm for my heifers, and in order to rent the farm land, I had to buy the Holstein herd residing there. I have decided to continue with the Holstein breed and use VikingHolstein to improve health traits, reduce the size of the cows and improve the solids”, says Felipe who by now is planning to have a show window herd for the VikingHolstein, similar to the VikingRed show window herd in El Trébol.   

Facts of the farm:
El Trébol is located in a small and steep property in a land that has an average quality but generally very rainy. Earlier the average rain fall of the area was 1500 mm per year, but now because of global warming it rains more than 2500 mm per year. 

El Trébol uses V Föske, Pell-Pers, Uudin, Valpas, Tosikko, Turandot and Gunnarstorp and Tuomi. They produce embryos by flushing with sexed semen from Pell-Pers, A Linné, V Föske and R Facet.

The new Holstein herd that Felipe has bought to make a show window herd for VikingHolstein.

Uva Nueva was the ebst crossbred cow in Colombia in 2013. Felipe Calderón (5th from the right) is the owner of the El Trébol farm.


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