Thursday, 14 July 2016

Crossbreeding with VikingRed helps Argentine farmers lower production costs

By Elisabeth Avendaño, VikingRed distributor in Argentina

The international over-production of milk and the consequent fall in prices are threatening dairy farmers all over the world. Argentina is of course not an exception, but its farmers are starting to see the advantage of crossbreeding their herd with VikingRed bulls. 

In the last years with a very high international price for soya beans, many dairy farmers in Argentina have chosen to “intensify” production by keeping their cows in pens or even constructing free-stalls (California style) in order to freeing their land for agriculture. This would enable them to export soya beans, but also means a huge increase of use of grain and soya in the diet of their cows. 

This decision results in an important increase in milk production, but farmers find it difficult to get a milk price that covers production costs. In a more intensive system, there are also often increased problems related to cow fertility, udder health, hoof health and so often a decrease in longevity, when cows are kept in pens.

However as in every business when the financial situation is hard, you need to look at the costs. Nowadays, more and more farmers are looking at the costs and realizing that by crossing Holsteins with VikingRed bulls, they are able to reduce “the hidden costs” like poor health. In the current situation all over the world, you cannot avoid to face these problems because it is important for the final profitability of a farm, and farmers in Argentina are now waking up to this fact.

ProCROSS is increasing
There is a growing interest to try the ProCROSS concept in several regions and farmers are thrilled with the productions, the improved fertility, the vigor of the newborns, the strong feet and legs of the cows and the great adaptability to grazing conditions of the offspring of the Montbeliarde as well as the Vi-kingRed bulls. The great advantage is the very easy calvings, transmitted by the VikingRed bulls. 

Elisabeth Avendaño, VikingRed distributor in Argentina, has found that VikingRed gives healthy daughters which are problemfree and long-lived, with excellent production well above average in their pasture-conditions with little grain or concentrates. 

Two daughters by Ladö

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