Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The real thing or the fake?

What is best, the real thing or the fake? The answer usually depends on the price you are willing to pay and on the quality you really want to get. If you can get the real thing at the lowest price – then nobody would be in doubt.

Focus on the Nordic profile
Nowadays, we find new interesting indexes in many countries. Common for most of them is that they are related to traits like reproduction, health traits and animal welfare. 
In the Nordic countries, these are traits that we have been working with already for decades. Still this knowledge is treated like something new for other Artificial Insemination companies (AI-companies). With genomic selection and females in the reference population it is now possible to get reliable indexes for health traits all around the world, which is marketed as revolutionary inventions by AI companies and animal pharmaceutical companies.

In the Nordic countries, we have always been ahead on quality and reliability on the health traits because we need to be 100% clear in our information and development of the existing and new traits to keep our position. This is an advantage to make us leaders in our branch. 

The Nordic Profile has become well-known internationally, but it is still at Viking Genetics you can find the real thing! 

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