Monday, 30 May 2016

VikingGenetics bulls come fully optioned!

Apart from the usual conformation and management traits most countries select for, Viking sires have a long list of extra traits that if ignored, eat away your profit margins because of unwell cows. 

VikingGenetics has been fortunate to have the ability to work with health traits since decades due to the extensive registrations, and with genomic selection, we have had the possibility to gear up even more. 

All registrations are collected in the same database with strict veterinary rules resulting in HIGH RELIABILITY also for health traits. Our index for udder health is primarily based on real veterinary diagnosis of clinical mastitis with additional information on cell count, and the index for resistance to other diseases includes information on metabolic disorders as well as reproductive disorders. The veterinary contribution has facilitated this for decades and given a great tool when it’s times to select healthy cows. 

Furthermore, all hoof trimmers contribute with information for the hoof health index that includes seven different hoof diseases and this information gives an excellent opportunity in selection of cows with healthy hoofs and ease to walk. 

The newest addition to the long list of health related breeding values is young stock survival which is now included in the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) for the first time. This index describes the survival of the calves up to 15 months of age for heifers and 6 months for bulls. 

If you are interested in getting a full declaration on your own females, you are welcome to test them in our system. The NTM gives you the best possibility to select for the most profitable cow.

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