Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Irish farmers are looking for the invisible cow by VikingGenetics

Recently, our Export Manager Jan Andresen visited farmers in Ireland to learn about their experience with Viking bulls in their herds.

Darren Dunne, Jersey
Darren Dunne, a young, Irish farmer recently bought 70 Jersey heifers from Denmark. Darren is very pleased with the heifers that arrived to his herd just before Christmas last year. His wish for the future is to increase the share of Jerseys in his herd to 100%. He will inseminate them during this spring, and he has two milking robots when they start milking.
Until recently, the farm was 100% beef cattle, and from the start, Darren has from wished to shift to Danish Jersey (VikingJersey). We look forward to following the development of this herd.

Darren Dunne and Export Manager Jan Andresen infront of the recently imported 70 Jersey heifers.

Tom & Mi Dunne, red breed
Tom & Mi Dunne are milking 300 cows. They started to use VikingRed many years ago, 300 cows in a herd is a pretty big farm in Ireland.
“I saw straight away better daughter fertility after using the VikingReds and they also keep the body condition better than the Holstein”, says Tom.
On the farm, they have used B Jurist, V Föske, Gårdö, Peterslund and some other VikingReds. Right now, they are looking into using V Föske and maybe VR Gobel and one to two genomic bulls this year. They usually use only 3-4 bulls every year to keep it simple.

In the farm of Tom & Mi Dunne are 300 cows. The VikingReds are improving daughter fertility and have better body condition than the Holsteins.

Jerome Lenihan, Holstein
Many years ago, Jerome Lenihan bought some Danish Holstein cows that were sired by Claus and Ot-to. He was really happy with them. He also had some heifers that calved by D Sol and he really like the way they looked. VikingHolstein are average for stature and powerful. He is getting VH Basten calves on the ground right now. He chose VH Basten because of his high level of protein and because he is breeding powerful cows.

Cow with its VH Basten calf in the herd of Jerome Lenihan. VH Basten breeds powerful cows.

Moorpark, Jersey
Our Export manager Jan Andresen also went to Moorpark to inspect the 50 Danish Jersey heifers hat had just arrived to the herd. They were a group of very good-looking heifers. They will be inseminated by Viking bulls this spring.
The Moorpark management will do a study on the group to see if the Jerseys work well on a graz-ing/seasonal calving system.

Moorpark farm recently received 50 good-looking Danish Jersey heifers.

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