Thursday, 28 January 2016

VikingGenetics owns more and more heifers

VikingGenetics owns an increasing number of heifers from dairy breeds. We primarily buy heifers from herds that do not wish to do the flushing themselves - or from organic herds where it is not possible to flush. We do 2-3 flushings in heifers and maybe Ovum-Pick-Up to ensure higher amount of progeny. With genomic selection, the heifers are as important as the bulls, as they obtain the same reliability on their EBV.

In VikingHolstein, VikingGenetics owns app. 20 heifers at present and have 50 heifers included in the 2016 budget. Table 1 shows pedigree, index and ranking of the youngest heifers owned by Viking-Genetics. A fine list of heifers with NTM +32 - +41 that will contribute to the future genetics in Viking-Genetics.

At present, VikingRed owns app. 75 heifers in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The heifers have a large variety of pedigree for sires and dams, and are among the highest ranking sons when it comes to NTM by the relevant sires. Table 2 shows examples of some of the young heifers owned by Viking with NTM between +29 and +32.

VikingJersey does not yet own any heifers. At present, we are in contact with cattle breeders and try to convince them to flush or sell their high index heifers. We expect to buy the first heifers in November and have them flushed in Denmark.

The two Finnish top heifers Labella (Boss x Super) with gNTM 28 and Lupiini (VR Effect x R Facet) with gNTM +22.

The Finnish heifer La Cumparsita (Offie x D Ole) with gNTM +33 is owned by VikingGentics and is in our barn in Hollola in Finland.

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