Wednesday, 13 January 2016

VikingGenetics - best for economy and longevity

By sales manager Sara Wiklert Petersson
In this issue of VikingNews there is a comparison between VikingHolstein and other Holstein populations in the world. If we look at the total merit index (NTM) and longevity, the picture is clear – VikingHolstein has far higher level - and the same goes for the other two breeds. All cattle breeders in the Viking area can proudly say that they have contributed to this – and take advantage of this every single day.
The global trend in breeding is a healthier and more fertile cow. Therefore, our product gains global popularity, as many dairy farmers demand a cow that is healthy and fertile. With genomic selection, the speed of genetic gain is higher than ever before – and the NTM combines all the economic traits into one.
Still the goal is a cow that can produce lots of quality milk and stay healthy year after year. We recently got a photo of a Viking bred cow in Argentina with a lifetime production over 112,000 kg and 12 lactations - that is excellent in a pasture-based system. She was the second best cow in the region with 50,000 primarily Holstein cows and herself being a VikingRed.
Another Viking customer in Spain says that having 100% Viking cows in the barn, life quality has improved significantly, due to less problems with his cows – and less work. That is the type of cows we aim for in VikingGenetics.

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