Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Breeding MAGIC in Kenya

At Makitosha Farm in Kenya they are challenged by a most problematic environment for intensive dairying with heat and high moisture. Therefore they decided to create their own more suitable breed, MAGIC, which stands for the initials of “Makitosha Gir Cross”.

As a multi breed composite MAGIC combines the advantages of several different
European dairy and dual purpose breeds with the adaptability, heat tolerance and hardiness of carefully selected Bos Indicus genetics. 

VikingRed is one of the most important components in the development of the MAGIC cross and con-tributes with high production, impeccable temperament, good fertility & health and great adaptability which makes all the difference in every dairy farm’s profitability!

In Kenya VikingRed is distributed by Indicus LTD, and combined with the outstanding quality and fertility of the semen, it makes VikingRed the number one choice for red and white genetics in Kenya, Last year they even decided to give sexed semen a try which resulted in surprisingly good conception results. 

For more information about the MAGIC breed development project in Kenya please check:

G Edbo daughters

G Edbo daughter

G Edbo daughter

G Edbo daughter

Piuha daughter

Signal daughter

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