Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Happy VikingGenetics customers in the Balkans

VikingGenetics also has happy and content customers in the Balkans. In April our Export Managers Jan Andresen and HC Hansen visited customers in Bosnia and Croatia.

At Farmland AD, Nova Topologi in Bosnia they have 1800 Holstein cows and 1550 ha grass and maize. The goal is 2000 cows and to increase the average production from 32 to 35 kg/day. Farmland AD have imported heifers from Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Germany – but herd manager Vladimir Vulkan is not in doubt: the best heifers are from Scandinavia. Therefore it is also the obvious choice to buy bull semen from VikingGenetics.

Herd manager Vladimir Vulkan at Farmland AD is very pleased with genetics from VikingGenetics
In 2012 they bought 700 doses of VH Bowie (D Banker x Ramos) and 300 doses of D Obsess (O-Man x D Novalis) and last year 2000 doses of D Onside (T Officer x H Manfred). Vladimir explains that they will continue to buy proven sires at high reliability from VikingGenetics. Important traits are easy calvings, good hoof health, health and longevity.

The herd has 117 employees paid 250 € per month + 150 € tax. The current milk price is 0.35 € + 0.15 € state subsidy. One week old bull calves are sold at a price of 250 €.

In Croatia Jan Andresen and HC Hansen visit a herd of 1000 cows in two farms and young stock in a third farm. The average production in 7.500 kg (305 days). The herd uses 100% sires from VikingGenetics, and last year they bought further 65 Holstein and 100 Jersey heifers in Denmark.

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