Monday, 13 July 2015

Turbo charged, profitable Viking cows

By sales manager Sara Wiklert Petersson

VikingGenetics is well-known for breeding profitable cows that are high-producing, fertile and stay healthy. The genomic era hasn’t changed our clearly defined goal. The only difference is the progress we make. Today the gain for NTM is as high as four units per year, and especially the genetic gain for health traits are significantly higher. The past five years VikingRed have obtained a remarkable progress for udder health of 1.4 units per year.

It’s a challenge to make high progress for both production and health traits. You need an advanced total index based on reliable data. NTM is such an index. With genomics the Viking goal is turbo charged. Our possibility for fast progress is now even more enhanced with our increased focus on females. The new breeding program will produce even better sires that will ensure dairy farmers all over the world a profitable cow - a cow that produces high volume solids, breeds back and stays healthy. 

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