Friday, 12 June 2015

Official visit from Thailand

In the begining of June representatives from the Thai Agricultural Ministry and the Thai dairy association DPO visited VikingGenetics.

Thailand wishes to strengthen the cooperation with Viking in the development of a cattle database like the Danish one with exchange of data with our national database from SEGES. Furthermore there is massive interest in import of bull semen from VikingGenetics for distribution in Thailand to increase the genetic level of the local cattle. VikingGenetics will speed up the process of approving the veterinary health certificates for export of bull semen to Thailand.

The dairy association DPO has many important tasks:
1) Promotes feeding milk cow.
2) Produces milk and meat, and products made of milk and meat.
3) Provides personnel training for their knowledge in milk cow feeding.
4) Trades and exchanges milk cows.
5) Conducts other activities related to milk cows.

The Thai delegation included:
    1. Mr. Wuthichai Chanphet, head of Research and Development Department.
    2. Mr. Sour Sivijchai, Head of Dairy Farm Supplies Division, Dairy Farm Extension Department. 
    3. Mrs. Kanya Srifah, Academic Expert in policy and planning, Policy and Planning Department
    4. Ass. Prof Mr. Siwatt Thaiudom
    5. Graduate Student Mr. Heman Senayod
    6. Graduate Student Ms. Phiromyams Chanajon
    7. Mr. Stig Vagt Andersen, Danish consul in Thailand
    8. Mr. Mads Riis, Andersen Consult APS, Denmark

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