Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Norwegian farmers request Viking's advising

VikingGenetics exports semen and advisory services to our neighbors in Norway, and breeding advisor, Peter Weinkouff, recently came home from one week in Norway. During that week he had 12 interesting herd visits and one public meeting.

Pizzas on the plate and cows on the agenda – that was the case when VikingGenetics, Norwegian Holstein, Norwegian Jersey and GENO (the Norwegian AI company) held a meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to educate the participants in VikingGenetics’ breeding scheme, NTM, current sires and not least the breeding advisory services offered to the Norwegian cattle breeders by Viking.

Peter Weinkouff is breeding advisor in Viking and also took part in the meeting in Norway. The meeting was a part of a fully-booked week with 12 herds visits in Norwegian farms all using advisory services and semen from Viking. Eventhough Peter Weinkouff has been in Norway before and usually travels there two times a year, he was still impressed by the very fine progeny by Viking sires in the barns:

"There were many good daughters by Viking sires and it is nice to see how our work makes a difference in Norway", Peter Weinkouff says having returned home.

Viking in Norway:
  • Viking has offered its advisory services to Norway since 2012.

  • Viking gives its services to 30 herds with Holstein and Jersey cows primarily in the Jaeren area – south of Stavanger. They receive mating plans and breeding advising.

  • The share of Jersey and Holstein cows in Norway has increased significantly the last year
Peter Weinkouff to the right in the barn with a Norwegian farmer

First lacation DJ Hulk daughter from Per Aande Skaarland

Cows in the barn

Meeting at GENO

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