Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New and interesting projects in China

In China ad hoc advising in feed planning, feed analysis, health, reproduction and breeding has high priority. Therefore VikingGenetics is in the process of establishing an advising package that will attract large Chinese state-owned farms and create interest in the Viking breeding profile.

In April Karsten Bording and HC Hansen from Viking and Mie Riis from the Danish agricultural consulting company LMO visited four very large farms in three Chinese provinces and the Dairy Expo in Harbin in Northeastern China.

Farm groups up to 70,000 cows
  1. Tianmu Farm in the Ganzu Province in central north China is a newly established state-owned farm with investments of 1 billion Yan. The investments include all from land (app. 10,000 hectares at the moment), irrigation, field machinery, buildings, equipment and purchase of heifers for breeding. The goal is 30,000 Holstein cows and they have 3,000 Holstein heifers imported from New Zealand. 
  2. The YILI Group is the second largest Chinese owned dairy, buying milk from app. 1 million cows – 50% of the cows are owned by the YILI Group. YILI has built several large farms and still expands. 
  3. The Jialihe Farm Group has 20 farms with 70,000 cows and their goal is 100,000 cows. We visited a farm of 2,200 cows. 
  4. In the Heilongjiang province in the Northeastern China close to the Russian border is a group of 15 large farms with 50,000 cows. We visited farm no. 8511 with 550 cows who has used VikingGenetics sires since the first Chinese semen import in 2011 from Sweden. Daughters by TP Björkil have now finished their first lactation with very fine results - several of them have produced 11,000 kg milk in first lactation – this is 1,000 kg more than herd average. All services since 2011 are with VikingHolstein sires like D Etoto, D Skotte and S Ross. The breeding manager for the farm group was very positive about the results: easy calvings, robust cows, high production and good longevity. In the Heilongijang province the demand for VikingHolstein sires is increasing.
  5. At the Dairy Expo in Harbin VikingGenetics was represented by our distributor TS Cofine – a subsidiary by the Chinese AI organization Tianshan. 

Visit to the Tianmu Farm, Ganzu Province. Goal: 30,000 cows at the farm.

Speech at Tianmu Farm

Tianmu Farm, Mr. Leo and HC Hansen in front of 3000 heifers imported from New Zealand.

Karsten Bording examining heifers at the Tianmu Farm

Tianmu Farm

Visit to farm 8511, 100% progeny by VikingGenetics sires

Farm 8511 - checking the maize silage

Jialihe Farm Group - breeding managers for 70,000 cows

Jialihe Farm - VikingGenetics presentation

Jialihe Farm - training in linear classification

Heilongjiang Province - Mr. Xin (General Manager, TS Cofine), Karsten Bording (VikingDanmark), Mie Riss (LMO), HC Hansen (VikingGenetics) and Mr. Wang (Chairman, Dairy Group)

Training in Heilongjiang Province - Farm 8511

TS Cofine stand at the Dairy Expo in Harbin

TS Cofine General Manager Mr. Xin and Sales Manager Mr. Guan

TS Cofine Sales Managers - Memorial in Ganzu

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