Friday, 10 April 2015

"We want fertile semen and medium-sized cows"

Ross Lockhead, Victoria
200 Holstein cows
Av 28 liters, 3.8 fat & 3.2 protein
80 ha flat pasture land
“This season has been extremely good for us with plenty of rain - that does not happen all that often. We used to have a mixed herd of Holstein and Jersey, but have now switched to pure Holstein. First of all we want fertile semen and medium-sized cows as they walk quite a distance every day - the taller cows don’t want to walk that far. The Viking sire we used the most is D Sol - they never cause any trouble and all seem to be the same. We have some young cattle by S Ross and D Onside coming up and they look really good, so they should do a good job for us next year. Most of the cows are in calf to Miracle.
Ross Lockhead
“For us it’s most important that the cows last, milk well, stay healthy and get in calf. With the complete data behind the breeding values on Viking sires, I feel very comfortable that I will get such cows”, Ross says.     

D Sol daughter owned by Ross Lockhead

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