Friday, 10 April 2015

Jock Bellman, Victoria, Australia

150 VikingRed cows
Av. 26-30 liters daily
120 ha - pasture + fodder

Jock practice seasonal calving in early autumn (March) and now in December the cows are in late lactation ready to dry off so Jock and his wife can have a good long summer holiday. "I really like the red cows", Jock says. "They are very healthy, hardly ever get mastitis and easy to get in calf which is important for me with the seasonal milking. Also they are easy calving and I have no worries with the calves either".

Jocks favorite VikingRed sires are V Föske, B Jurist, S Valpas, G Edbo, VR Cigar and VR Harvard. "As I get older I tend to use proven sires, as we have no one to take over the farm. I want to have good, solid cows when the day comes we have to sell our herd", Jock says.
In the video below you can hear about Jock's experience with VikingRed cows in his herd.

Jock Bellman with his herd of VikingReds

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