Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Geoff Evans, Victoria, Australia

280 cows - 75% Holstein and 25% Reds
237 ha dryland

"We’re on seasonal calving in May, June and July and cows are grassing all year round. On the red cattle we do a three-way cross. We’ve been breeding for high type for 15 years and found that we were decreasing fertility as well as feet & leg problems. Our cows are walking long distances, so therefore strong feet & legs are very important. We find that the Viking sires give us cows with better fertility and more dairy strength".

"We currently have S Ross daughters milking and the conception rates of his daughters were just unbelievable. This season we have 35 Rakuunas plus a dozen Bentos and D Sols to calve. Among the Reds there are some really good looking Fergus heifers. We’re really looking forward to milking many more Viking heifers in the future", Geoff Evans says.
Watch the video below.


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