Thursday, 5 March 2015

Werner, Josy, Philip and Markus - Lang Dairies, Victoria, Australia

1400 cows - primarily Holsteins + few Jersey & crossbred
Av. 6500-8000 liters
1000 ha - 370 ha pasture

"We started using Viking sires on our maiden heifers for calving ease. Conventional semen of D Odder, D Sol and VH Mogens has been very successful for this purpose. We are expanding our herd and heifers are quite valuable with the current very strong export market to China. Overall health traits are becoming more important in our herd to make general management of the cow easier. We run two dairy platforms, each currently milking 700 cows. Next year we plan to start a third dairy platform and boost total milking numbers to 1600+ cows.

We are aiming to breed functional cows that have the flexibility to change production according to seasonal conditions. Our cows have medium stature and must have the ability to walk long distances every day to graze. Health traits are becoming more important in our herd, aiming for a cow that requires fewer medical interventions to achieve the same production. We believe that the Viking genetics can help us achieve these goals. Each year from now on we will therefore have 200+ Viking heifers entering our herds."

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