Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mette & Tony De Nittis, Victoria

Irrigation country

230 Holstein cows

“We started using Viking sires five years ago, because of the better fertility and the quality recordings and data that are behind the complete figures. We need a medium cow that gets in calf, stays healthy and gives a high production of solids for many lactation periods. 

Tony & Mette De Nittis

We have a herd of 230 cows and have used semen from VikingHolstein sires for the past five years. We see higher fertility, cows get in calf earlier, the SCC has decreased to 100,000 and for the first time this year we had a “challenge” to pick cows to cull meaning we have a surplus of heifers we can sell for high prices. Our daily life is so much better now that we see the result of the VikingHolstein sires in our herd”, Mette & Tony explain. The cows by D Sol are some of their real favorites.
D Sol daughter - one of their favirite cows 

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