Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Adrian & Leanne Bucks, Northern Victoria, Australia

195 cows - Reds & HolsteinsAv. 9300 liters - 680 kg solidsIrrigation country

“We run our dairy on irrigated land and with average feed input per cow/year of about 2,5 tons of drymatter home grown grass, 2,2 tons of meal (cereal, grain & protein) and 2,2 tons of bought in forage. We have a traditional 18 swing-over parlor which is efficient to work in and the cows are fed about 8 kg dry matter meal through out the lactation. Peak production this spring was 36.5 liters & 2.5 kg solids."
“We’ve been using Viking sires for the past 6-7 years and have been REALLY happy with the results in our seasonal milking system. We’re currently milking many cows by B Jurist, Bangkok, Rakuuna and Peterlund. The highest producing cow this spring was a Jurist peaking at 53 liters & 4 kg solids. The calves from this season are by Valpas, R Cigar, Rakuuna and D Onside”.

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