Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Julie & Stuart Young, Victoria Australia

375 mixed cows - Red, Holstein and crossbred
Av. 7807 liters - 598 kg solids
185 ha - pasture, grain and supplements 

“We started on this farm two years ago and have bought quite a lot of cattle in. We have some cows by Viking sires but not as many as we would like. We have cows by all breeds and crosses of them, but we really like the VikingReds as well as the red crosses. We’re not fans of big Holsteins, but it seems like the VikingHolsteins are more medium in stature and very functional so it might be those two breeds we focus on in the future. Maybe in a cross breeding programme.”

“For us it’s important to have cows that get in calf easily, good udders, high solids and stay healthy. A big majority of our young stock is by Viking sires and we really look forward to starting milking them”. The Young family has used a broad variety of sires from Viking like Ross, Bento, Nero, Miracle, Obama, D Odder, Nästgard, Foske, St Hallebo, Orraryd, B Jurist, O Brolin and Torpane.      
Julie Strong and her sons are very fond of their VikingRed cows and now also use VikingHolstein.

B Jurist daughter by Julie & Stuart Young


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