Wednesday, 31 December 2014

VikingGenetics is growing in Colombia

VikingGenetics participated in the International Milk & Beef Seminar in Medellín, Colombia, in October. The seminar was arranged in connection with the ExpoColanta show where attractive genetics of Viking sires were presented too.

The International Milk & Beef Seminar and the ExpoColanta show is organized every second year in Medellín, the capital of the province of Antioquia. The organizing company Colanta is a cooperative with production and distribution lines for various dairy and meat products as well as concentrates, fertilizers and other agricultural products. Colanta is also selling semen from VikingGenetics, and we have widened our line-up strongly during this year - especially for VikingJersey.

Hulk pedigree attracts interest
VG is promoting the absolute top Jersey sires in Colombia, like the daughter proven sires Husky and Hilario plus the genomic super sires Hihl and Lukowa. Husky was already sold as a genomic sire in Colombia, and he was chosen to be the first genomic Jersey sire due to his attractive genomic proofs and also his pedigree. His sire Hulk created great interest among the Colombian farmers thanks to his amazing transmitting capacity for production. And Husky has really met the expectations. We expect Husky to be one of the best-sellers of VikingJersey because of his attractive production profile and excellent conformation. 

Daughter of VJ Husky in Denmark. We hope to see her halg-siblings in Colombia soon.
New VikingRed blood lines
Sire Analyst Kenneth Byskov from VikingGenetics’ breeding department gave a presentation in the Milk seminar, with a topic “How to breed a sustainable cow – selection for health traits”. Before the seminar VG organized a farmer meeting in Bogotá with Ayrshire Association of Colombia (Asociación de Criadores Ayrshire de Colombia). The topic of the farmer meeting was “Benefits of using genomic sires”, and after Kenneth’s presentation the discussion was lively.

Kenneth Byskov giving a presentation “How to breed a sustainable cow” in the Milk seminar in Colombia.

The Ayrshire Association has been promoting VikingRed genetics in Colombia for nearly 15 years, and the growth in sales has been good, especially the last couple of years. Import of VikingRed sires from Finland has opened blood lines and created more opportunities, as there are already a lot of progeny of famous Swedish sires Peterslund, B Jurist and Botans in Colombia. Add there our brood VikingRed Genomics line-up, and we have the possibility to offer the highest Red genetics in the world to the Colombian farmers.

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