Sunday, 2 November 2014

New onboard the Viking bovine flagship

By CEO Rex A. Clausager

As a new member of the VikingGenetics family I am pleased to have this opportunity to give a short presentation of myself and my first impression of an exciting company – VikingGenetics.

Together with my wife Trine, I live in Aalborg in the north of Denmark. We have two daughters aged 18 and 21, the youngest still living with us. For me this is a return to the breeding industry, as I had a 15-year career working for PIC, where I left as Managing Director of Northern Europe. PIC is a global leading company supplying pig-breeding stock. Lately I have spent almost 10 years in the IT-industry working with new partnerships, outsourcing and business excellence.

Since the foundation of VikingGenetics both the board and employees have worked serious and constructive with the possibilities and challenges supplying premium breeding material to increase earnings and improve conditions for dairy and beef farmers.

Customer satisfaction is key to any successful business – and here we show you, the owners of Faba, Växa and VikingDanmark, customer’s value. But in addition to this I also think it is our obligation to positively surprise our customers. That is what I call customer delight. Everyone in the industry should want to work for us. We give our employees room to develop, grow and experience – and we expect them to proactively work towards our common objectives. We are an attractive workplace. We want to be the company, which everyone in the industry wants to copy, as we have streamlined out processes to perfection. This counts for the entire organization from data collection and usage over lab work to management reporting.

In all areas we should consider, where new technology can be game-changes to how we make business today. We must deliver optimal service to our owners. This is process excellence. And speaking about technology we are streamlined on processes, so we very quickly can adapt to any new R&D inventions. We will continue to create ties and relations to the most important research and development in the industry – and show technology leadership – and making sure we can distribute knowledge to our owners.

Last but not least – to get more value out of our solid and professional base we want to continue to grow as an international player. This is where our growth will come from – and we will always make sure it is profitable. The Viking bovine flagship will sail on. I am so pleased to be onboard.

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