Monday, 20 October 2014

We might Stumble

That’s how it is. Everyone stumbles at some point, right? The thing with our stumbling is that we’ll do that in social media. That is part of the work we have been doing as a social media team. We have now been testing a platform called StumbleUpon. And there you stumble, just like in Facebook you like or in Twitter you tweet.

Hard working social media team

Soon we are done with our training and then it is time to decide the platforms in which VikingGenetics will be present for real. What do you think?

With a range of social media platforms we want you to be able to follow how we can make your life easier. You are the one why we do this. Please feel free to give a comment below what you think of our social media landscape or send us your thoughts through one of our other platforms. Do you think we are on the right track? What can be done better? Which of our platforms are you following? After all, it is all about #AddingValueEveryDay to you and your business.

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