Tuesday, 28 October 2014

VikingGenetics - a perfect fit for new technology in Hungary

Gabor Lukovics & Atilla Turner runs a dairy in Hungary with 270 cows and they are very pleased with the results of their eight years’ experience with sires from VikingGenetics.

This spring VikingGenetics visited dairy farm Lukovics és Társa KFT in Baranya County together with Dr Laszlo Popovics, head of GeneMax who is VG representative in Hungary. The farm is run by the two owners Gabor Lukovics & Atilla Turner and GeneMax has supplied the farm with VikingGenetics semen for more than eight years.

The using of VG is well in line with the progressive approach of the owners. In order to face challenges of the modern time the farmers have to implement several cardinal changes. New barns were built and the herd size was more than doubled over the last 20 years to 270 dairy cows with 70% Holstein and 30% Jerseys.

Recently they have started with the ProCROSS concept using VikingRed sires on Holstein cows and currently they have about 25 crossbred cows but more will come as many vital calves by A Linné are on the ground.

VMS for better milk quality and production

Furthermore, the progressive owners put their farm in a new challenge this year. They bought four DeLaval VMS milking machines and the transition to robotic milking went surprisingly smooth. Even the older cows switched to the new system without trouble. With the help of this new investment the two Hungarian dairy farmers plan to improve both milk quality and production level, which is already rather high – for Jerseys about 5700 kg milk with 5.2% fat and 3.9% protein and for Holsteins over 9000 kg milk with 3.8% fat and 3.3% protein.

Both Gabor and Atilla are pleased with the results of their eight years’ experience with VikingGenetics and want to continue the collaboration.

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