Tuesday, 28 October 2014

US breeders visit Viking countries

Mid October two prominent dairymen Alan Andersen & Sherman Toone from Idaho visited the Viking countries. The purpose was to get a better understanding of NTM and how we breed healthy and functional cows, to see daughters by actual VikingRed & Viking Holstein sires as well as potential bull dams and top managed herds in Denmark and Sweden.

Alan Andersen & sons runs Seagull Bay Dairy with 400 cows by top Holstein genetics including the world famous Shauna cow family + Andersen Dairy with 2.000 ProCROSS cows where Holstein, VikingRed and Montbeliarde for over 10 years has been used in rotation. Sherman Toone runs a 400 cow Holstein dairy in the south east of Idaho.

Alan and Sherman says: "We really like your system with consequent focus on bottom line, health and functionality. Your database with extensive registrations is unique, and VikingGenetics takes responsibility for keeping inbreeding at an acceptable level. We also like the type of cows we´ve seen – they are super functional, which is important in large commercial dairy herds".

Export Manager Hielke Wierma from VikingGenetics, Sherman Toone, Alan Andersen and Holstein breeding coordination Claus Langdahl.

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