Monday, 18 August 2014

The Rossouw herd "Maluti Jerseys" - breeders in South Africa

Jan and Elna Rossouw have a Jersey herd of 550 milking cows near the town Bethlehem in the Free State. Jan is a lawyer but does not practice law. He owns a Farmers Shop in the local town and he used to have a beef herd. When his late father-in-law, Dudley Meyer, passed away Jan and Elna took over the dairy operation.

The father-in-law was interested in American genetics in his herd and used bulls that he bought from Glynton Jerseys. Jan wondered what he should do to improve the herd further. He heard about Danish Jerseys from a friend Daan Landman, who farms in the Tsitsikamma in the Eastern Cape. Daan is a very good supporter of VikingGenetics. Jan quickly realized the financial benefits of using Jersey Semen from Viking.

Jan has visited Denmark twice and seen lot of Danish herds and daughters of Viking sires. He has used Viking sires for about five years now and is very pleased with the results. The cows look very productive; they have good udders, strong feet & legs and good capacity.

The most popular sires in Jan’s herd are Q Impuls, DJ May and DJ Zuma. The Impuls daughters are in second and third lactation and daughters of Zuma are in the beginning of second lactation - and they are fantastic! Jan is currently using VJ Lure, DJ Lirsk, VJ Himp and DJ Broiler.

Jan Rossouw with an Impuls daughter which just gave birth the a daughter by DJ Lix.

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