Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Durham herd “Glynton Jerseys”

The Glynton Jersey herd, close to Dundee town, is owned by Peter Durham and was built by Peter’s father, Glyn Durham. He was the first Jersey breeder who imported Jersey semen from Denmark into South Africa in the 1980’s. It was not so easy to get semen in those days and the first doses were imported through UK. Luckily it is nowadays much easier to get imported semen.

Peter Durham milks 820 pure Jersey cows. The plan is in the near future to start milking on a neighborhood farm which was owned by Peter’s late brother, so the number of animals will increase. 

All the cows are on TMR, but in the new herd the plan is to have a grazing system.
All Peter’s cows are registered and classified and he has tested different bulls from many countries, so he can easily compare different genetics. The longevity of the cows based on generations of VikingJersey genetics is really good proven by an average of 3.8 lactations/cow. Heifers grow very well and the average calving age is 24 months. 

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