Monday, 23 June 2014

Cheerful girls milking VikingJersey cows

Becky and Shelby are two cheerful girls that wish to earn a bit extra while in high school. The past year they have milked 300 Jersey cows as the Van De Jersey farm in Pennsylvania in the USA.

"We are paid 13 USD an hour – this is twice as much as we would in e.g. a shop. At the same time we enjoy working with animals and have a good time in the milking barn even though it is hard work. Luckily the guys in the farm help us driving the cattle into the milking barn so the work is done in less than three hours" the two girls explain.

Amy and John own the Van De Jersey farm and are very pleased Becky and Shelby. "They have milked in our farms for one year and in general girls are very careful when milking and notice the small signs in the cows. Due to this we have had school girls working with us for years."

Amy and John are happy with VikingGenetics’ Jersey sires and at the moment they have 75 VJ Zuma daughters in milk in the herd – 25% of the cows!

 Becky and Shelby

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