Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hamish Grant - dreaming big in Kenya

Among the more than two million farmers in Kenya we meet with Hamish Grant on a sunny day. By the way – doesn’t the sun always shine in Kenya?

Hamish lives with his family 3-4 hours’ drive north-west of Nairobi on a farm that has been in the family for more than 100 years. The farm covers 1.600 acres and has 600 animals in total – with 210 cows in milk at the moment. The milking parlor is homemade, very basic and easy to move around the different fields.

The herd is a mixture of app 75% Holstein, 15% Ayrshire and 10% Jersey. All three breeds are kept pure and close to 90% of the inseminations are by sexed semen!

VikingGenetics has been part of a project educating AI technicians and supplying them with AI equipment and a motorbike. William is one of these AI technicians with his motorbike and backpack including AI equipment and a semen container.

The average production averages between 4500-5000 kilos of milk based on a manual semi-TMR and grazing feeding system.

The farm also gives work to between 150-200 farm workers. Hamish is dreaming of and has already made the drawings of a 2,500 cow milking farm. Finances is the only thing that still keep it a dream – but dreams often come through if you keep working hard. With a milking price at app. 40 Kenyan shilling (33 euro cents / 40 us cents) the milk price is actually pretty good – which hopefully will help the dream come through in a not too distant future.

Hamish is also very active in the local community and its welfare. For example he and his family are involved in a trust raising money to build schools, and so far the trust has been able to build five schools!

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  1. Brief and impressive. I'm a dairy enthusiast, recently started and I have 8 cows. I need to learn more from personalized solutions guys like you. Can you allow me to visit your Nairobi farm?