Monday, 14 April 2014

What is NTM?

NTM, Nordic Total Merit, is the selection tool VikingGenetics uses. It is the most complete total merit index in the world. NTM consists of more than 40 subtraits combined into 12 main traits. When you use NTM as selection criteria, you obtain positive progress for all traits of economic importance in the dairy cattle industry.

You obtain the highest progress from the “most expensive traits” such as fat and protein yield and health traits as shown in the figures below. Longevity index and production index have the highest correlation of all traits to the NTM, showing that the NTM is optimized to produce long living and high producing cows.

Weights on main traits in NTM for VikingHolstein

Weights on main traits in NTM for VikingRed

Weights on main traits in NTM for VikingJersey

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