Tuesday, 8 April 2014

VikingGenetics is strong in Chile

Rasmus Jerver, International Business Development Manager of VGI and Suvi Johansson, Export Manager for Latin America visited Chile in late January. This was Rasmus’s first visit to Chile so Cooprinsem, Viking’s distributor in Chile, gave him a good view of Chilean dairy business. In the photo is Rasmus Jerver (left) and Suvi Johanossn (middle) with Jorge Lama visiting the farm of Jorge´s father Juan Antonio Lama. Jorge is the vice director of milk recording in Cooprinsem.

Cooprinsem has been a representative of VikingGenetics and its predecessors in Chile for more than 15 years, and the growth in Viking semen sales has been remarkable - especially during the last couple of years. Since most dairy plants pay higher price for milk solids, the farmers are very interested in increasing fat and protein percentages of the milk. The farmers also want moderate sized cows with good udders and feet & legs. 

In the Southern Chile the cows are in pasture year around, and they usually walk many kilometers to the milking parlor. Also health traits and longevity are the traits more and more sought after by the farmers. Thus it is no wonder that Viking sires are so popular in Chile, as these are the exact traits emphasized in the breeding program of VikingGenetics.

Pablo Coquelet with his son Ignacio. Pablo has a Jersey herd of nearly 600 cows. The first milking robots in Chile will be installed in his farm in July.

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