Wednesday, 9 April 2014

High demand on VikingGenetics sires in China

The Chinese middle class is rapidly increasing and they put dairy products in their shopping carts. This means high demand on milk and increased need for more cows with improved genetics in this huge country. VikingGenetics sees increased interest in semen by our superior sires, and end October an important delegation from China visited VikingGenetics.

The Chinese delegation visited the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration in Copenhagen and the VikingGenetics bull station in Assentoft in Denmark with the purpose to discuss health conditions, health certificates and infection control. The goal is a speedy re-opening of export of bull semen from Denmark to China – this has not been possible due to the Schmallenberg virus.

Export of semen from Sweden was re-opened 2013 and since then they have ordered several thou-sands of doses semen. China wishes to increase the domestic milk production, and this means significant increase in demand on sexed semen in order for them to produce more dairy cows as soon as possible. VikingGenetics will be able to supply this as soon as import from Denmark is again possible.

For several years VikingGenetics and Aarhus University have worked closely together with China Agricultural University on research in genomic selection. This cooperation and the Chinese trust in support VikingGenetics’ possibilities for export of bull semen to the Chinese market.

In charge of the Chinese delegation are CUI Maosen (CEO), JIAN Zhongyou (divisional director of Liao-ning Entry-Exit Inspection & Carantine Bureau) and ZHAO Xiangping (divisional director of Tianjin Entry-Exit Inspection & Carantine Bureau) and Dr. Hongding Gao from China Agricultural University.

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